Hungarian Veterans Association: A Story to Listen to

The hungarian veterans association is known internationally as the Hungarian Royal Gendarme Veteran’s Association. The association is commonly referred to by its initialism: MKCsBK, derived from its name in Hungarian, Magyar Királyi Csendőr Bajtársi Közösség. The association was first established in 1947 following the dissolution of the Hungarian Royal Gendarmerie in 1944, just after the Soviet occupied the country. The association’s primary goal is to be the bridge connecting everyone who served in the Gendarmerie. Today, the association houses the few veterans that remain alive. The goal also evolves today.

It serves as a body of organization that seeks to provide people with true records and information regarding the historical Hungarian Royal Gendarme in the hope of correcting the widely disseminated misinformation and false records spread by the government when the country was under the occupation of communist rule...

The hungarian veterans association was established as a reaction toward the dissolution of the Hungarian Royal Gendarmerie. The gendarmes in service at the time of dissolution never truly accept this disbandment as it was done through illegal means. As a result, these gendarmes considered that they never really took their duties off thus being a gendarme for the rest of their lives. In 1948, shortly after the association’s establishment, the Veterans’ Letter began being published. This publication served as the association’s official newsletter. During the period of 1950 through 1958, the central director began a massive effort to contact each and every living gendarme spread throughout the world, telling them to move on with their new lives while also urging them to still adhere to the Hungarian Royal Gendarme’s motto: “faithfully, honorably, valiantly”. The address of the organization’s head-quarter changes throughout the decades, sometimes from country to country and sometimes from continent to continent. This is due to the fact that the home of the central director in position is regarded as the head-quarter. The hungarian veterans association continues on existing way into the 21st century. With the advent of the internet during the last half of the 90s, there were several attempts to make the association available and accessible digitally on the net, beginning from 1997. This plan finally came to realization in 2005, with an official website making the association’s online presence apparent. The website is home to tons of books regarding the Gendarmerie and numerous amounts of publications and documentation. Today, with many original gendarmes dying from old age, the association is populated by their children and friends.

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